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*Club Membership Testimonials and Reviews*

Read about club members favorite club benefits and what they felt they learned, or gained by being club members which helped them further their personal prospecting and mining ventures.

Colin - club member, Colorado......
"Joining Colorado Prospector club has changed our lives on so many levels, meeting fellow prospectors, talking rock, outings, really.. the list can go on and on. I joined in the hope to one day have a claim of my own, not knowing where to begin. I read the forums, joined the club to attend some outings and learn a bit more hands on. One thing lead to another (along with my passion for prospecting crystals) and now I can say "I'm a claim owner!" Majority of thanks goes to the club (the other, my own personal RESEARCH)"

Mike - club member, Colorado......
"One of the things that sold me on this club is that instead of holding claims to sell memberships the focus is on how to do it yourself and be independent with your prospecting. Other clubs may have a claim or two to go to but what if you want to prospect somewhere else? Are they going to help you do that properly? These were serious questions for me. If they are serious questions for you then you are in the right place!"

Mike - club member, Kansas......
"I also voted in the poll. "10" I joined the web-site in Aug. í07. Iíve always been a GPAA member and still am today. Last year my wife bought me a FY membership with CP. I went to a couple of the open areas to prospect and had a wonderful time. Somehow with all the activities at home, family and work I forgot to ask "my boss" for a renewal. Anyways, Iíll renew this summer sometime. This site is terrific. What I like about it: Itís all about Colorado. Living in Kansas itís somewhat of a drive but since CO. is the closest place to prospect, thatís where I go. (Once a year, for a week) The "master muckers" seem to be great folks. Iíve visited with Dan, via internet, but never have had the opportunity to meet them in person, but Iím sure theyíre everything I would expect...Iím constantly amazed at how friendly they are to new folk who visit their site. Dan and Denise...may the Lord bless you and keep you safe in His care. Thanks for all your work!!!!!"

Alan - club member, Wisconson......
"I have gained a considerable education thru all this... as was part of the intent. I launched off after asking you back in February about finding me a claim. I know and understand how busy you are.. and after what I've learned and am still dealing with.. I have a new appreciation of your efforts to continue with the battle."

Richard - club member, Colorado......
"I am a newbie here and found tons of info within minutes; heck, that's why I joined. It would have taken me many days/weeks to gather all the info; therefore, I consider it money well spent. Moreover, I am looking forward to learning much and meeting some great folks."

Mick - club member, Colorado......
"I have been a member for two years now, and I am grateful that I know Dan and Denise , They have welcomed me into their home and offered me friendship, kindness, understanding, trust, and knowledge. I have learned much from being a member of the CP and eventually I plan to become a life member,as I already feel like I'm part of the family, I am very proud and feel fortunate that I know Dan and Denise and that they are my friends as well as the fact that they help in the fight for our rights as miners."

Raptor - club member......
"Dan and Denise have been nothing but the best, whether it be asking a question or just going into chat and talking. I have always been treated with the utmose respect, and yes even though I am a newbie, I think what these folks have put together is larger than Grand."

Howard - club member, Colorado......
"Dan and Denise have gone far out of thier way to help me and Robin, a couple of rookies get started. helped us with our first digs, educated, supported, encouraged and is now counted as dear friends. They are dedicated to the members, education of those members, protection of our rights to prospect on public lands, having places for members to prospect and having current and accurate information available on laws and upcoming legislation about mining to keep us all informed. You all are the greatest and we thank you! Howard & Robin"

Chris - lifetime club member, Colorado......
"They truly do care about protecting our rights as miners/prospectors, and getting the information to us so that we can do the same. Dan and Denise are great people. Always willing to lend a hand or teach a newbie. Maybe the best thing about my membership is being able to count them among friends."

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