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*Miners Market Testimonials and Reviews*

Read reviews about custom lapidary and jewlery orders as well as service and shipping time frames experienced when purchasing through the Colorado Prospector Miners Market.

Fauss, Kentucky......
"All of the things that I've ever received from Colorado Prospector have been excellent! The prices were usually waaay below what they should have been. They are always packed right and shipped promptly. They just put a whole lot of love into their business dealings. How often do you find that nowadays? They also are fine stewards of the land and reach out to educate the rest of us and the children about the wonder and beauty of our earth. Community spirit is ever-present in these fine folks. An example: two weeks ago I was invited to provide a rocks and minerals seminar at my grandson's school. When I mentioned it to these folks at coloradoprospector, they immediately began preparing a huge collection of specimens for the event. They shipped it the same day, along with 25 POUNDS of accessory material similar to what the specimens might have been found in. I was emabarrassed that they wouldn't accept more in payment, because those specimens were the hit of the show! You can see the box from them on the desk in front of me. I was still answering questions as the students filed out at the end of the school day.
Please, don't have any doubt about their quality and integrity. Simply trust them for the best of everything!"

Goldseeker, .....
"I just wanted to post my opinion on the necklaces that I got when, I had the winning bid on the "Shopping Spree" from Nov 12, Monday night auction! Your necklaces look nice and very pretty on your website, but they did not look the same when I opened the package, and saw them in person !!! They are absolutely "BEAUTIFUL!!!" , may I say that again! They are absolutely "BEAUTIFUL!!! " Dan & Denise, I just had to let you and the other people reading this forum know what great stuff you have!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!"

Christina, Connecticut......
"I'd also just like to add that your responses and work have been wonderful, and I'm very impressed with your business. Ordering from you has been fantastic. Thanks, Christina"

Nomadbynature, Colorado......
"HEY GUYS!!!!! I tried your guitar picks, and I have to tell you I had little faith that I would like the sound. But as always I was soooo wrong, your picks have a smooth sound i really dig! Hope you guys had a great time at the show it was great to meet you."

Todd, Colorado......
"Well, I got one recently. And if you don't have one, get one. These picks are great. I am having a ball and will upload another one of my noisey videos (and maybe a tony carrie song or two) in the near future. Like I said, if you don't have one, get one."

Jmann, Kansas......
"Every thing Roxie and I have ordered and recieved has been top knoch. Thank you Dan and Denise. Joe"

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