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*Website Testimonials and Reviews*

Read reviews about the Colorado Prospector website and forums. Only a small portion of the website is reserved for club members use only which allows the general public access to the majority of the top notch information available as a learning resource found around the entire website's 1000's of pages! Club memberships help support the open resource setting found at Colorado Prospector.

Mike, Colorado......
"This site has been the foundation of my education for land status research, mining law and my rights as a prospector/miner and as a claim owner. I would recommend to anyone to begin their education into prospecting legally right here. When you learn the basics it changes from "where can I dig?" to "where do I feel like digging today?" Confidence in the field is a great feeling."

Howard, Colorado......
"I don't know about anyone else in the club, I can only speak about my experiences with Colorado Prospectors and Dan and Denise in specific. They have been nothing but helpful. We (me and my wife Robin) consider them friends. They have gone out of thier way to help us, taken us out on some of our first outings, trained us, gave us many avanues for educating ourselves, and even let us use their own equipment in order for us to learn and make a more informed decision on buying our own equipment. The website alone is worth the dues, with all the information available, legal issues, hard to find information and upcoming legislation. Dan and Denise have done numerous hours of research to make this information available to all to use, something that most of us have no idea where to look for such info or too lazy to find it. Plus the fact of the time spent maintaining this site for all of us to use. How many of us find joy in seeing them in the chat room ready to help all! Besides just keeping this site open, available and updated takes alot of work and expense too! They have also spent numerous hours, time and money to find places available for all members to prospect on and encourage members to put claims on the areas. They did not put claims on first and is charging for the use."

Spud, New Zealand......
"As im downunder i am a member of many forums but this one is the best in many ways !! informative--friendly-- active-- all round just very nice people!"

Todd, Colorado......
"I think the site is great. The only suggestion I would have is to update/upgrade to the newest IPB. The power of the new version is incredible. You guys have put so much time and effort into this. I think a more appropriate reply would best be said as a simply "THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK". dancing girls would be nice, but our wives....... But seriously, being a website owner, I know how much time and effort these things take, and how little appreciation people show sometimes. You have my gratitude, and I'm sure everybody elses, even if they don't say so. Todd
p.s.-It is people like you and Denise that make all the good things in this world happen. Kudos, many times over. We need more of you guys in this world."

Jim, Mississippi......
"An exercise in futility. Everybody knows this is the best prospecting site on the web hands down.Even if someone else tried to do better they would be just copying this one.The dedication and passion that the cp's have shown is unsurpassed.Its just too bad that theres not a award system to rate sites. Dan, I hope you can still get in the front door with your big head.Denise your dedication shines on every page. jim"

Club Membership Testimonials Page
Read about club members favorite club benefits and what they felt they learned, or gained by being club members which helped them further their personal prospecting and mining ventures.

Miners Market Reviews Page
Read reviews about custom lapidary and jewlery orders as well as service and shipping time frames experienced when purchasing through the Colorado Prospector Miners Market.

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