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*About The Colorado Prospector Club*

How the club began and it's conception-
Years ago as claim staking/filers ourselves on our own new location claim, we realized there was a real "void" in information available to prospectors to stretch beyond the common recreational level activities to actually prospect for and stake one's own claim. The more we learned about prospecting successfully, then we needed to learn a little bit more to proceed correctly with confidence for each facet/topic involved along the way, it was quite a learning curve.

That's when we decided to begin the Colorado Prospector club, website, and forums with its open to the public format which includes important, factual prospecting information access that can help all prospectors reach their goals. Keeping a small portion reserved for club members use only of course, but with a majority of it open to the public helping any prospectors to get going from the beginners recreational stand point, to actually hit the field on BLM or FS lands and prospect, for real and successfully! What you'll learn as a club member, and find on our website and forums will help you as a prospector, from beginner to claim owner/miner, be more successful on all your prospecting and mining ventures!

Any prospectors wishing to find gems and minerals within NF or BLM land, success on ALL your prospecting field trips is within your reach! Colorado Prospector club can help you get rolling as a new prospector, as well as continue your successful endeavors as a seasoned prospector. The very best way to achieve personal success is to join the club and have good field knowledge for your prospects! Many of the Colorado Prospector club members have successful prospecting adventures even in winter time! Not only will you find success for your own adventures, in addition when joining the club you'll become part of a wonderful group of very knowledgeable and helpful individuals. You'll also enjoy a continual growing list of club members benefits and verifiable prospectors information!

Most importantly, we as a club all feel that an individual's success in the field is paramount via proper knowledge, planning and field decisions learned from club participation. The club's success is directly related to your success, that's what makes it work!!

Kick off your new prospecting adventures or continue as a seasoned prospector this year with full success and great finds to go with the spectacular field adventures! Check out the Colorado Prospector club today, we'd all be honored to have your future participation! All club memberships include immediate family members.

Much of the information is available on our site for free to all as an open resource, but club members also get some awesome club member benefits, a lot more prospecting information beyond the basics, as well as personal consulting from us and other club members when requested. Club memberships also help keep the open to the public portions of the website running for the access of everyone interested.

Contact the club founders/administrators (Dan & Denise) directly via email below or at
Colorado Prospector
P.O. Box 1565
Alamosa, Co. 81101

Send us an E-mail if you have suggestions or questions to webmaster@coloradoprospector.com

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