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*Testimonials and Reviews*

Welcome to our testimonial and reviews pages. Feel free to browse each page for testimonials from past and present Colorado Prospector club members and claim owners, reviews of the Colorado Prospector website itself and the Miners Market goods and lapidary services. A huge thank you to all those who have taken the time to send and post these testimonials about the Colorado Prospector club, website and Miners Market. THANK YOU!!

Club Membership Testimonials Page
Read about club members favorite club benefits and what they felt they learned, or gained by being club members which helped them further their personal prospecting and mining ventures.

Website Reviews Page
Read reviews about the Colorado Prospector website and forums. Only a small portion of the website is reserved for club members use only which allows the general public access to the majority of the top notch information available as a learning resource found around the entire website's 1000's of pages! Club memberships help support the open resource setting found at Colorado Prospector.

Miners Market Reviews Page
Read reviews about custom lapidary and jewlery orders as well as service and shipping time frames experienced when purchasing through the Colorado Prospector Miners Market.

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