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* Past CP Events*

*The 2014 CP Labor Day Outing was a fantastic weekend for both yearly and lifetime club members with lots of activities.

*The 2011 outings held at Swizz's claim was a great time for many CP lifetime club members!

*The 2010 Fathers Day weekend outing was a great time for all! Everyone got to test out their equipment, and learn some new tricks for recovering the gold. Thanks to all who attended, and we hope to see you on the creek again soon.

*The 2009 4th Of July members outing was filled with great people, good food, educational demonstrations, fun and much more. Another amazing place to be in Colorado.

*The 2008 Spring Fling outing in Fairplay was a blast! There were lots of new people to meet and great tips were learned about prospecting, and the equipment used.

*The Colorado Rally 2007 was educational for all.
Multiple digs with multiple locations.....10 times the fun!
Check out some footage of the Gold Dredging Colorado video we shot as an educational demonstration.

*The 8th grade sciene lab students in
A South Carolina school in 2007-2008 interacting and learning at the CP site.

*The outing in Fairplay 2006 was a blast, and everyone got to meet someone new.

*Teaching the Cubscouts in Pueblo in 2005 how to pan for gold, and we also taught them a little bit about Colorado's history. Working with the kids is priceless! Theres nothing like seeing the look on their faces as they are taught how to look for gold.

*The Colorado Rally 2004 at the Argo Mine in June was a great success. There were lots of folks who came out from all over to learn, meet old and new friends, and to just have a good time. Education and respect for the environment is very important, and educating the public about their rights and rules of (Y)OUR land is essential to a brighter future.

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